Service & Safety

Service & Safety of Riviera

In an effort to be the complete solution for our clients, Riviera Electric offers full service capabilities. This complete approach, combined with our award-winning results and world-world-class safety program makes our clients feel very comfortable working with us.

Riviera Electric has been a progressive leader in providing quality electrical installations with some of Colorado’s most prestigious general contractors.

But overall, promoting a safe work environment fo our employees has always been a high ranking component of our working standards. It is Riviera Electric’s polity to establish and maintain the concept that people are our most important company asset, and the conservation thereof has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.

Riviera Electric considers no phase of operation or administration of greater importance than accident prevention. Riviera Electric’s highly trained and professional Safety Specialists primary goal is to complete our projects incident and injury free. We commit the resources to implement safe work practices necessary to eliminate potential hazards in order to prevent accidents and injuries.

Attributes that have driven us towards achievement:


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